Medical bandages, bands, posture correctors, belts, fixators, immobilizing braces.


Toros-group company is manufacturer of: prenatal braces, maternity abdominal binders, postoperative binders, posture correctors, chest and lumbar support braces, umbilical and inguinal hernia belts, ankle and knee supports, wrist and elbow braces, neck fixing collars.

Bandges: distribute pressure, speed up recovery, provide instant relief, support of injured areas, relief unnecessary stress, protect against reinjure, promote comfortable well been.

Elastic bandages: prevention and treatment of varicose veins, chronic thrombophlebitis. Prevention of injuries of the joints, ligaments and muscles during physical training. 

Net tubular bandages: seamless knitted reticulate tubular bandage is highly stretchable, breathable and easy to apply. Softly protects injured and sensitive skin.bandages and bands made of durable, light weight, flexible and elastic materials for premium comfort. Bandages fit to body shape and maintain freedom of movement.

All toros-group bandages are ISOCE and FDA certified.