Oscar Boscarol srl

Oscar Boscarol srl has always encouraged the research for vanguard solutions, with compelling quality that might match the operators needs during emergency activities. This is the main spirit that led our products to become a helping hand and an indispensable support and constant reference for all insiders.Today the Oscar Boscarol srl is leader worldwide directing to foreign markets half of its production. 

The continuous requests for innovation coming from the market called for some turning points concerning design and production processes: for this reason, the company took the chance to develop entire product lines specifically dedicated to the emergency.

  • Medical Suction Unit particularly suitable in the emergency field ­
  • Bags, rucksacks and cases for the safe and functional storage of medical devices ­ 
  • Immobilization and transport products for poly-traumatized patients ­ 
  • Oxygen distribution kit for ambulances and emergency vehicles­ 
  • Resuscitator bags­
  • Ventilation masks­ 
  • Semi-automatic defibrillator (AED)­ 
  • Emergency kits

Oscar Boscarol srl developed its Quality system accordingly to ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 13485 (Medical devices – Quality Management Systems). The company acts and behave in compliance with all National laws besides European and local norms (when requested) referring to medical devices design, production, commercialization and after sale service. The entire company organization is involved in a process dealing with continuous improvement where the customer’s satisfaction represents an indefeasible value.