Sponsors and Partners

Kenya Medical Association

Kenya Medical Association (KMA) is a voluntary membership organization open to all medical and dental practitioners registered in the Republic of Kenya. The Association currently has over 2,000 members countrywide.

Association of Medical Engineering of Kenya

AMEK was constituted to promote and enhance professional and raise recognition and development of members , the profession , art, science and practice of related disciplines in health care technology. It provides effective tool for better exchange of information, experience and ideas and also to support training, continued education and research besides instilling the culture of maintenance applicable to health care-services in developing countries like Kenya.

Kenya Healthcare Federation

Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) a private sector membership-based organization and serves as the health sector board of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). Founded in 2004, the Federation has a membership of 75+ organizations that can is divided with corporate members, professional and institutional associations all active in the Kenyan health sector. The membership of KHF come from all the 6 building blocks of health systems as specified by the WHO: Service Delivery, Health Workforce, Information, Supply Chain, Health Financing and Governance.

Uganda Healthcare Federation

Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF) is a registered, limited by guarantee membership association founded in 2010 to champion the interests of the private health sector in Uganda. UHF has a membership of over 55 non-state health associations and organizations in Uganda, including service providers, health professionals, distributors and manufacturers, as well as civil society partners.

As the umbrella body for the Uganda non-state health sector, UHF lobbies, advocates, campaigns, mobilizes and mediates for the private sector. UHF offers a unique connection with Uganda's private health sector through a diverse membership, and contact database of over 2,000 connections, monthly networking events, newsletter, online presence and regular interactions with the private sector in districts outside Kampala.

Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers

The Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers (AKMLSO) was founded and registered on 4th December 1964. In this country we have two cadres of members in the profession of Medical Laboratory Sciences:

- Medical Laboratory Technicians (Certificate holders)
- Medical Laboratory Technologists (Diploma, Higher Diploma and Degree holders).

In 1970, it was thought that the name should be changed from Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians Association (KMLTA) to Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers (AKMLSO), so that both cadres can be adequately accommodated.

East Africa Healthcare Federation

Early in May, 2012, healthcare umbrella associations of East African countries met in Kampala, Uganda, to adopt the formation of the East African Health Care Federation (EAHF). The Organisations that agreed to form the EAHF were the Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA), the Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF), the Kenya Health Care Federation (KHF), and the Rwanda private health sector. Burundi and Southern Sudan are expected to join the federation in the near future.

Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania

The premier private health sector association in Tanzania to establish new and expand existing quality health care services of Tanzania by strengthening membership capacity through advocacy, resource mobilisation, and program development to enhance knowledge and networking with linkages to public, faith-based, NGO, development partners, and patient communities.

Rwanda Healthcare Federation

The vision of Rwanda Healthcare Federation is a Rwanda where every citizen has access to affordable, equitable and quality health services.

Rwanda Healthcare Federation's mission is to be the premier private health sector federation in Rwanda to establish new and expand existing quality healthcare services to the population of Rwanda.

Africa Health-IT News

Africa Health-IT News (AHIT) is a UK -based non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the use of technology in Africa's healthcare.

Africa Health IT News (AHIT) is primarily focused to the needs of health practitioners and other stakeholders in Africa. The content of Africa Health IT News is partly to showcase the positive trends in Africa healthcare which would not be mentioned or highlighted in most media. Also, we aim to report trends and development in healthcare across the world which has been attained through the use of IT and all modern platforms, to help Africans in managing and developing their own healthcare.

We hereby welcome all that are interested in promoting the use technology in Africa healthcare to contact us with developments, trends or breakthrough that you might want to highlight. We are willing to publish articles, create blogs, and attend conferences that will promote the use of IT in Africa healthcare.

Kenya Medical Directory

Kenya Medical Directory and its online version on are the leading Healthcare reference platforms in Kenya. They provide friendly network which assist healthcare stakeholders to promote their products, and services hence increase your market share. Section two of this Directory provides space for users of this publication to publish and share their views on healthcare topical issues.